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How To Get Rid Of Plaque And Remove Tartar Buildup - Oral-b

Once the microorganisms have a food source in this sugar, they are all set to eat and reproduce which not only leads to bad breath but can cause infection. It should go without saying that flossing also goes a long way in preventing the build up of tartar and plaque which lead to cavities and tooth decay.

It can be done from the comfort of your own home, with ingredients you probably already have on hand. All of these natural methods can be performed using foods and material found at your local stores and don’t require a lot of extra work. So there’s no excuse not to clean those chompers..

What Is Plaque - How To Remove Dental Plaque - Colgate®

And tartar on your teeth is an accumulation of stains, saliva, food, dirt, and grime. Tartar makes it easier for the plaque to take a hold of teeth. When you see yellow or white patches on your teeth, it’s tartar. It’s quite tough and sticks fast to your enamel. That’s why a dentist should remove it.

Luckily, you can prevent this tartar buildup by removing the plaque from your teeth regularly. Even better, you don’t need a dentist for that. You can easily remove the plaque from your teeth at home. Check out these awesome home remedies to remove plaque effectively. Getting Rid of Plaque and Tartar at Home Home remedies should never be a substitute for proper dental treatment.

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1. Brush Carefully and Regularly You need to brush your teeth properly and regularly to remove plaque. It’s a great way to take care of your oral hygiene and prevent tartar buildup. You should brush your teeth after every meal. It’s best to wait half an hour after eating first.

Munch on Sesame Seeds Sesame seeds can be an active dental scrub. It gently removes plaque and tartar without damaging teeth. Just pop a handful of sesame seeds into your mouth. Chew them up, but do not swallow them. Take a dry toothbrush and brush your teeth while the seeds are still in your mouth.

Dental Plaque And Tartar: Causes, Prevention, And Removal

9. Enjoy Plenty of Figs There are surprisingly many home remedies to remove plaque that involve fruit. Did you know figs are great at fighting bacteria and other nasties on teeth? You just have to eat three or four figs all at the same time. Chew them up slowly and deliberately.

11. Always Remember to Floss No matter how well you brush your teeth, you still need to floss. As dental industry guidelines state, both are required for a high-quality dental care routine. While brushing is great for getting at the surface of tooth enamel, a lot of debris and dirt accumulate in the corners.

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13. Invest in a Dental Scraping Device A dental scraper (or pick) is essentially the same kind of device that your dentist uses to coax the tartar from your teeth during intensive cleaning. You can buy these in pharmacies and drugstores. They are long and thin, with a hooked metal end.

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Gargle with a Vinegar Solution This isn’t the most pleasant method to remove plaque at home, but it’s very effective. It’s also natural and guaranteed not to harm teeth. Take a solution of two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of salt, and four ounces of water. Now, gargle with this vinegar solution.

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17. Grind Up Clove Spice Clove is actually a historic remedy for toothaches. People have been using it to relieve dental pain for centuries. Today, you can find it in every supermarket. It’s a very common ingredient in Indian cuisine, so you should have no trouble finding ground cloves at the store.

Apply this paste directly to the stained areas and leave it to rest. Rinse thoroughly. 18. Identify the Biggest Stains There is a really easy and clever way to check if you have a plaque buildup on your teeth. Take some food coloring – just the regular stuff found in supermarkets – and add it to a teaspoon of water.

Removing Plaque Buildup Outside The Dentist's Office

Dental Tartar (Calculus) - Causes, Prevention and RemovalHow To Remove Plaque (And How Not To Do It) — Dr. G Wheeler

However, you should first rub a little petroleum jelly on your lips first to avoid stains. Swish the food coloring in your mouth for a bit and then spit it out. You should see light patches of color on your teeth. That’s where the most stubborn plaque accumulations are. Concentrate brushing here to remove it.

5 Tips to Prevent Plaque While plaque is relatively easy to get rid of with these home remedies, it can get out of hand fast. And if you leave plaque on your teeth, it’ll turn into hard tartar. An alternative is to prevent plaque buildup in the first place. Do these five things to avoid plaque build-ups altogether.

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Cut Back On Your Smoking Habit Unfortunately, there is no cheat or secret way around this one. The reality is that smoking is really bad for your oral health. You will always be at a much higher risk of gum disease and tooth infection while you smoke. It will also lead to accelerated tartar build-up in and around the gum line.

Drink Plenty of Fresh Water There are few things as natural and as healthy as water. You should drink around eight glasses of it every day anyway. (So, this tip should really only be a reminder.) If you drink plenty of water, it will wash away plaque, dirt, and debris before it gets a chance to take a hold on the surface of tooth enamel.

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Consult with Your Dental Specialist If you have any questions or concerns about the health of your teeth, you need to ask your dentist. They’re the most qualified person to provide an answer or a solution. Turn to your dentist with any problem you have with confidence. They’re not there to give you a lecture or yell at you.

If Plaque Builds Up, Tartar Hurts Your Teeth Plaque and tartar both contribute to the development of decay and cavities. Tartar is porous. As a result, plaque can build up inside and around it. It then calcifies around the plaque and bacteria. This traps all of the nasty stuff close to tooth enamel.

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4 Home Remedies To Help With Plaque And Tartar Removal

One of these tools is a dental scaler, also called a plaque scraper. Hygienists use the plaque scraper’s sharp cutting edges to scale the area beneath the gumline and the surface of the teeth, and may also scale the surfaces of the tooth roots in a process known as root planing.



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